Pubdate: Sun, 26 Oct 2014
Source: Florida Today (Melbourne, FL)
Copyright: 2014 Florida Today
Author: J.T. Shealy


A 2008 study in Australia found that marijuana leaves contain 50
percent more cancer-causing substance than tobacco leaves and that the
ingredient THC remains in the body weeks after use.

THC leads to brain abnormalities and sperm cell damage in men. The
study also found that prenatal use may result in birth defects, brain
abnormalities and higher risk of leukemia in children.

The question for us in this election is: Do we legalize an illicit
drug that is illegal under federal law under the guise that it may
reduce pain for some at the expense of thousands who will likely
obtain it from pseudo drug shops and become addicted?

Once this Pandora's Box is opened, it will not close; the next step is
recreational use, as in Colorado. As if our law enforcement agencies
didn't have enough on their plate, we would place another big expense
on all of us.

If Amendment 2, which would legalize medical marijuana in Florida,
passes, we likely will look back five years from now and wonder why we
considered this and point our finger at a particular trial lawyer who
pushed it with his fat wallet.

Vote no on Amendment 2.

J.T. Shealy, Titusville
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