Pubdate: Mon, 20 Oct 2014
Source: Herald, The (Everett, WA)
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Author: Chris Winters
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EVERETT - Marijuana businesses seeking to open in Everett will 
continue to operate under an interim ordinance that must be renewed 
every six months.

The city council Wednesday unanimously approved the extension despite 
pleas from marijuana advocates and businesses to either drop or 
loosen the restrictions.

By doing so, the city of Everett bought time in which it can debate 
the issue, or wait for the Legislature to pass a law on revenue sharing.

Among other restrictions, the city's ordinance is tougher than the 
state guidelines in that it limits producers to a maximum of 2,000 
square feet of canopy and prohibits retail businesses from operating 
within 2,500 feet of each other.

One marijuana store, High Society at 1824 Broadway, has opened in the 
city. Four other retail licenses have been issued, but the businesses 
haven't yet opened.

Jamie Curtismith, a marijuana business activist, told the council 
that instead of helping legitimate pot businesses thrive, the city is 
actually limiting their ability to compete with the black market.

Councilwoman Brenda Stonecipher voted for the ordinance but said she 
wouldn't renew it in six months, and said the city needed to do more 
research and work to craft a permanent rule that reflects the will of 
the 57 percent of Everett voters who supported legalization in I-502.

Mayor Ray Stephanson echoed other comments about not receiving tax 
revenue from the state.

"I'm always hopeful that the Legislature will provide us the 
resources, but I think we have to plan as if they won't, frankly," 
Stephanson said.
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