Pubdate: Wed, 15 Oct 2014
Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)
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Author: Charles R. Kinder


The summary of Amendment 2 (Medical Marijuana) is misleading. If you
read the entire amendment you will learn the following: (1) Possession
of marijuana is still a federal crime. (2) There is no age restriction
on who may be issued a marijuana "certificate." (3) Doctors issuing
medical certificates and state workers issuing medical marijuana ID
cards aid in the commission of a federal crime. Medical marijuana
treatment centers by their very existence violate federal law. (4)
Non-Florida residents can buy marijuana if they have a "certificate"
from a doctor. (5) Anyone over the age of 21 can be a "personal
caregiver," even a felon. (6) If you are harmed by authorized
products, centers, physicians and state employees are exempt from
liability if they operate in compliance with regulations and you may
not seek relief in the courts.

Well-regarded studies tell us: that marijuana: (1) Is the most
commonly abused illegal drug among adults and youths. (2) Negatively
affects attention, memory, learning, and intelligence after the
intoxicating effects of the drug have subsided. (3) Impairs the
ability to function effectively and safely on the job and increases
work-related absences, tardiness, accidents, compensation claims, and
job turnover. (4) Use by parents can be associated with child abuse
and neglect. (5) Is the second most prevalent drug (after alcohol)
implicated in automobile accidents.

Amendment 2 is bad public policy. Vote no!

Charles R. Kinder

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