Pubdate: Thu, 09 Oct 2014
Source: Albuquerque Journal (NM)
Copyright: 2014 Albuquerque Journal
Page: C2


SANTA FE - A Santa Fe City Council majority Wednesday night 
reaffirmed its support for decriminalizing possession of small 
amounts marijuana under city code, adopting administrative procedures 
needed to implement a decriminalization ordinance that the council 
approved in a 5-4 vote Aug. 27

Three councilors - Bill Dimas, Ron Trujillo and Chris Rivera - also 
restated their opposition to making possession of an ounce or less of 
pot merely a civil infraction punishable by a fine of $25 or less.

"We're just inviting drug dealers into our community," said Dimas. 
Rivera noted that city police continue to have the option to charge 
violators under a state criminal statute, punishable by jail time, 
and said many people don't realize they can still "be in trouble" for 
having pot. Rivera also said officers who charge violators in 
criminal court instead of issuing a civil citation will face 
accusations that "you charged my son because he's Hispanic" or 
because he wears baggy pants.
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