Pubdate: Mon, 06 Oct 2014
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)
Copyright: 2014 PG Publishing Co., Inc.
Author: Robert Adams


Here we go again! Wasting even more taxpayer money to persecute, 
excuse me, prosecute someone for selling "drug paraphernalia" ("Feds 
Renew Focus on Mishra Family," Sept. 28). Let us remember what 
happened the last time this occurred. Tommy Chong is now on "Dancing 
With the Stars." Former U.S. attorney Mary Beth Buchanan is now 
dancing with obscurity.

The problem is the definition of "drug paraphernalia." Where the feds 
see "bongs," others see artfully blown glass knickknacks. Where feds 
see "roach clips," others see alligator clips used by electricians. 
What next? Are the feds going to bust UPMC for all those syringes and 
hemostats it has lying around everywhere? Seems to me there are some 
reputable charitable groups who actually advocate free distribution 
of "drug paraphernalia," as in free clean needles to addicts. Should 
they be arrested?

I notice that no one is prosecuting gun dealers for selling a product 
their customers might intend to use to commit an illegal act. 
Personally, I would feel a lot safer if the laws that apply to the 
sale and use of "drug paraphernalia" were instead applied to the sale 
and use of "bullet paraphernalia."


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