Pubdate: Mon, 22 Sep 2014
Source: Bracebridge Examiner (CN ON)
Copyright: 2014 The Bracebridge Examiner Ltd.
Author: S. Holmes


DEAR EDITOR - Re: The debate on the illicit drug known as pot, In my 
view,, Sept. 4.

You (columnist Ken Black) have waded into the cannabis debate,
portending a benevolent agenda of protecting the populace against
misinformation, yet that is all you provided.

You state, "Worth noting that the debate on the effectiveness of
marijuana for medical purposes is still underway, and evidence to
prove its effectiveness is scarce."

If you are referring to Big Pharma's attempt to synthesize the active
components in cannabis, you are right, there is little evidence of any
medical benefit. However, if you had the decency to simply Google
medical benefits of cannabis, you would discover that it is the most
medicinally active plant on the face of the planet.

Before its prohibition cannabis extracts, tinctures, and solids
comprised over half of the American Pharmacopeia. A short list of
ailments it effectively treats: asthma, glaucoma, tumours, nausea,
epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, back pain, muscle spasms, arthritis,
herpes, cystic fibrosis, rheumatism and the list goes on. I would go
on to discuss the endocannabinoid system, but perhaps it is best for
you to do a little homework if you are honestly interested in the
topic of cannabis as a medicine.

We're just getting to the top of the roller coaster, here's where the
real fun starts.

Why is it when we begin to discuss the benefits of legalizing cannabis
shills always spin a story of government control and regulation and
the money the government could make, like that's the best we could do
with it?

Cannabis hemp could immediately and completely release our dependence
on petrochemicals and synthetic fires. Growing cannabis in Canada
would instantly create jobs in agriculture, food and fuel production,
industry and manufacturing. Hemp fibre panels can be made for cars
which are lighter and stronger than steel Hemp crete, a mixture of
hemp fibre and lime, is stronger and lighter than concrete. Clothing
made from hemp lasts much longer than cotton. Hemp produces 10 times
the cellulose of an equivalent acreage of forest, which means we could
stop cutting down our forests to print your view.

The reality is everything we are paying to be made in third world
slave markets could be made here, better, stronger and longer lasting,
while creating jobs, real wealth, and real environmental
responsibility. When the truth is revealed no one can deny it, and
while you debate decriminalization and legalization the rest of
humanity will simply move on to recognize that nature has no legal
status and no man has the right to deny another that which the
creative force behind the universe gave us.

Token Muskokan

S. Holmes, Bracebridge
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