Pubdate: Fri, 12 Sep 2014
Source: Washington Post (DC)
Copyright: 2014 The Washington Post Company
Author: Christine Kessides
Page: A22


The appalling practices disclosed in the series "Stop and seize" 
[front page, Sept. 7-9] are nothing less than institutionalized 
corruption by police and "justice" officials at local, state and 
federal levels. It is frightening that this practice coincides with 
growing evidence of a police state that threatens, rather than 
protects, public safety - especially affecting minorities and the 
vulnerable. It is even more distasteful that the police involved were 
trained by overeager, unaccountable private-sector contractors.

Of course motorists stopped by highway police may act nervous, 
particularly minority drivers, who are often not treated fairly by 
law enforcement. Since when is it evidence of a crime to carry cash 
or to have air fresheners in a car? I hope the officials who benefit 
from this policy have air fresheners in their offices to mask the 
odor of corruption.

Vigilance is increasingly essential to protect us from having our 
constitutional rights violated under this program.

Christine Kessides, Chevy Chase
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