Pubdate: Wed, 10 Sep 2014
Source: Chicago Tribune (IL)
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Author: Richard Adler
Page: Health 4

Health and Family Voices


I read with interest the article "Medical marijuana may cost patients 
top dollar" by Robert McCoppin because I am part of a group seeking 
licenses to operate cultivation and dispensary facilities in 
Illinois. While there is much speculation as to the size of the 
market, patient access and pricing, one fact stands out: the most 
widely used plant-based medicine up until 1937 will once again be 
available to people who need it in Illinois.

Propaganda in the past 80 years has put cannabis in the same light as 
cocaine and heroin while hiding its medicinal benefits.

This can be demonstrated by the quote from Blue Cross spokesman Mike 
Deering on why it won't cover medical cannabis: "We don't cover 
scotch and vodka, either."

It's this kind of misconception that the medical cannabis industry 
will need to overcome to unleash the vast medicinal benefits this plant offers.

- - Richard Adler, Winnetka
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