Pubdate: Wed, 27 Aug 2014
Source: Metro (Edmonton, CN AB)
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Author: Jeremy Nolais
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A new poll has found that slightly more than half of Albertans support
the legalization of marijuana and seven-in-10 don't believe Canada has
to wait for other countries to become more bud-friendly before passing
legislation of its own.

The poll, released Tuesday by Insights West, found that 52 per cent of
Albertans supported legalization, compared to 42 per cent opposed.

By comparison, just five per cent of Albertans would support
legalization of ecstasy, heroin or powder cocaine and four per cent
supported legalizing crack cocaine or crystal meth, according to poll

Respondents were split evenly when asked whether legalization of
marijuana in some U.S. states is changing their attitudes to similar
legislation in Canada.

"Albertans are looking at marijuana as a substance that is more akin
to alcohol and tobacco than other illegal drugs," said Mario Canseco,
vice-president of public affairs for Insights West. "Residents are
leaning towards legalization, but do not appear to be swayed by what
is happening south of the border."

Fifty-two per cent said they've seen somebody smoking marijuana in the
last month, yet 48 per cent said they've never tried the drug
themselves. The poll was conducted online between July 15-18 and the
study group was made up of 627 Your Insights panel members who were 18
years of age or older. use under our zoning bylaw," she said.

Several other cities have created unique bylaws for the facilities.
St. Albert councillors reviewed proposed bylaws earlier this week.
Carol Bergum, St. Albert's director of planning said they wanted the
facilities separate from other areas.

"We were trying to create some distance requirements between the same
type of establishments as well as between other things like daycares
and residential areas."  
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