Pubdate: Tue, 12 Aug 2014
Source: Tribune, The (CN ON)
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Author: Giuseppe Valiante
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Prince of Pot Returns From U.S. on Tuesday

OTTAWA - Marc and Jodie Emery, Canada's royal couple of marijuana, 
plan to take their drug-reform fight global after Marc returns home 
from the U.S. a free man.

Soon after Marc walks across the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit into 
Windsor, Ont., on Tuesday afternoon, Jodie said the couple will fly 
to Ireland and Spain on sponsored speaking gigs.

Jodie has waited more than four years for her husband, once the 
largest supplier of marijuana seeds to the U. S., to finish his 
sentence for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

Known as the Prince of Pot, Marc made millions selling his marijuana 
seeds across the border from his British Columbia-based company and 
drew the ire of the U. S. Drug Enforcement Agency, which successfully 
secured his extradition from Canada in 2010.

Jodie said when they return from Europe they'll "be on a cross- 
country welcome home tour" during which they'll campaign for drug 
reform in Canada and for their new favourite political party, the 
federal Liberals.

Ten years ago, Marc and Jodie supported the NDP, which "at least 
talked about" legalization, she said.

Now their man is Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who supports 
marijuana legalization.

Jodie said she received her official Liberal nomination papers this 
week for the riding of Vancouver East, which has been held by the 
NDP's Libby Davies since 1997.

Jodie said the reaction to her candidacy from Liberal party insiders 
has been "mixed."

"I've received messages from insiders who are thrilled, and from 
Liberal party members asking why I'm (joining the party)," she said.

If Jodie wins the nomination but loses the federal election because 
of her ties to Marc - a convicted felon - she said the people of 
Vancouver East will still have "a wonderful parliamentarian."

"I love Libby ( Davies)," Jodie said. "She's amazing."
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