Pubdate: Tue, 19 Aug 2014
Source: Cadillac News (MI)
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Author: Antonio Coleman
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CADILLAC -- The days of seeing marijuana dispensaries in Haring 
Township may be going up in smoke.

Haring Township board members approved a decision for Zirnhelt, 
Bowron and Wiggins, P.L.C. to prepare a marijuana moratorium for the 
township at a special meeting Monday at the township hall.

Earlier this month, the township board agreed to work with township 
attorney Corey Wiggins in the drafting of an updated version of its 
2011 marijuana moratorium.

In 2011, the township voted to impose a moratorium on the use of any 
land and the issuance of any permits, licenses and approvals related 
to the medical marijuana business within the township. The township 
adopted the ordinance although the planning commission recommended 
the "no action" alternative with regard to regulation related to the 
Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. The planning commission noted 
numerous, diverse and possibly conflicting legal interpretations of 
the act and pending lawsuits regarding aspects of the act as a basis 
for its recommendation.

The moratorium was established to prevent future marijuana 
dispensaries from opening. However, it eventually expired.

Township board members voted 6-1 Monday afternoon to allow their 
attorney to prepare a new marijuana moratorium. Board member Anita 
Fagerman voted against the resolution for the marijuana moratorium, 
reiterating her previous argument that regulations should be 
determined by state and federal governments.

Following a Michigan Supreme Court decision that ruled medical 
marijuana dispensaries and clinics were illegal and after Wexford 
County Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Badovinac issued a "legal 
moratorium," dispensaries within the township have been required to 
stop selling marijuana.

The marijuana moratorium would give the township time to develop 
standards for regulating medical marijuana operations.

What you need to know:

At a special meeting Monday, Haring Township board members asked 
Zirnhelt, Bowron & Wiggins, P.L.C to prepare a marijuana moratorium 
for the township.

Why this story is important to you:

A marijuana moratorium would give Haring Township time to develop 
standards for regulating medical marijuana operations.
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