Pubdate: Tue, 19 Aug 2014
Source: Packet & Times (CN ON)
Copyright: 2014 Orillia Packet and Times
Author: Alice Murphy
Page: A4


Re: "'Why not Orillia?'" Aug. 16

I am appalled with the front page and, in such big letters, 'Why not Orillia?'

A medical marijuana vapourization lounge opening in downtown Orillia. 
The Vape Lounge. An "over-exaggerated living room." People can rent 
bongs, vapourizers and other devices for using marijuana.

Please, have you ever heard of people with diabetes taking their 
insulin or cancer patients taking chemo in an exaggerated living room?

Mr. McInnes, if you have money to open such a facility, please use 
your money for a better cause. Many homeless men in Orillia need a 
shelter. Are you aware how many people go to the food bank every day? 
The Lighthouse - are you aware how many they feed daily?

Why are doctors giving prescriptions for medical marijuana? There 
appears to be a pill for everything.

I know you will say, ' But it is a safe place for people to smoke and 
not be charged, like sitting at a park.' It has been written by 
doctors that smoking marijuana can lead to other drug use. What 
example is this for young people?

Is the Downtown Orillia Management Board so anxious to fill stores 
downtown that they will allow such a place to open?

"If Orillia really wants to advertise itself as a tourist 
destination, as a progressive city ..." we do not need bong shops; we 
need recreation centres for our young people.

Alice Murphy

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