Pubdate: Fri, 15 Aug 2014
Source: Cadillac News (MI)
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Author: Jeff Broddle
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CADILLAC -- Protesters who gathered at the Wexford County Courthouse
expressed different reasons for being there but had one thing in
common: support for medical marijuana. Voters passed a law allowing
limited use of medical marijuana in 2008. It requires individuals to
receive a doctor's certification and have a card identifying
themselves as patients.

Approximately a dozen activists visited the courthouse Thursday, Aug.
14 carrying signs with messages such as "No victim, no crime" and "My
rights, my choice" as they congregated in the courthouse parking lot
and circled the building on the sidewalk.

Some said they were part of a group known as The Human Solution
International, a grassroots network that began in California that
asserts that the biggest threat to marijuana users is the risk of
being thrown in jail.

Among the group was Hoss Plourde, of St. Helen, who said he is the
state coordinator of The Human Solution International.

Plourde said the group has obtained non-profit status and has five
chapters in Michigan.

Also protesting was Brandon Pinney of Cadillac who said his possession
of a Michigan medical marijuana card should shield him from the
criminal charges he now faces. Pinney said he faces charges of
operating under the influence of marijuana although marijuana is
detectable in medical tests long after the influence has worn off.

Another protester, Michael Gould of Marion, said he wants to see the
State of Michigan regulate marijuana in the same way it does beer or

Gould also said he believes the state's medical marijuana legislation
allows the use of different forms of the plants, such as oils, but law
enforcement is prohibiting their use.

"It has a lot of value," Gould said.

Haring Township officials currently are working to draft an updated
version of their 2011 moratorium regulating medical marijuana operations.

Wexford County Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Badovinac has declared a
"legal moratorium" on medical marijuana dispensaries in the county,
giving notice they must stop supplying customers within the county or
face prosecution.
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