Pubdate: Mon, 11 Aug 2014
Source: Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Copyright: 2014 Sun-Sentinel Company
Author: Juan Palenzuela
Page: 10A


The Aug. 1 op-ed, "Amendment 2 not about relief, it's about getting 
high," by Barney Bishop is just old reefer madness.

Mr. Bishop opines that the authors of Amendment 2 are not sincere in 
their compassion, otherwise they would have specified non-euphoric 
weed in the language. Euphoria denotes well-being produced in a sick 
person by the use of drugs. Why omit that? In fact, the 
euphoria-producing ingredient must remain even in the "Charlotte's 
Web" strain as it completes the entourage effect that makes the 
treatment work. Also, without THC, cannabis is limited in the scope 
of illnesses that it can help with.

His "pill mill" comparison is dumb. Oxycodone and other FDA-approved 
poisons do not compare to the safety and efficacy of cannabis. I 
doubt the authors of Amendment 2 intend it as a precursor of 
recreational pot legalization-but if they did, good. The new 
generation will stop the wasted taxpayer funds on racially biased 
laws regarding marijuana.

People who just want to get high, have and will continue to do so 
with substances much more dangerous than pot, regardless of the 
outcome of Amendment 2.

Juan Palenzuela, Hollywood
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