Pubdate: Thu, 07 Aug 2014
Source: Baltimore Sun (MD)
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Author: Seti Gershberg
Page: 16


Op-ed writer Nate Greenslit is exactly correct in arguing that it 
would benefit the proponents of the use of psychedelics to focus the 
discussion toward the treatment of medical ailments ("Are 
psychedelics the next medical marijuana?" Aug. 6). However, unlike 
medical marijuana, which is primarily being used to treat pain and 
glaucoma, the benefits to the field of psychotherapy and healing from 
psychedelics is enormous.

Psychedelics actually have the potential cure depression, anxiety, 
phobias, PTSD and other mental illness. Psychedelics, specifically 
natural plant ethnobotanicals like ayahuasca, have also been 
demonstrated to be effective in treating alcohol and drug addiction. 
Medical studies being conducted at Johns Hopkins and New York 
University suggest that both psilocybin and MDMA therapy help in the 
treatment of imminent death related anxiety.

But this type of healing is nothing new to jungle shamans who for 
centuries have been using plant based psychedelics for treatment to 
heal the ill in their communities. It is long overdue that the 
government allow the study of all psychedelics. Many leading 
authorities suggest that they will be integrated into regular medical 
treatment programs within 10 years.

Seti Gershberg
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