Pubdate: Mon, 04 Aug 2014
Source: Bangkok Post (Thailand)
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Three Bang Chan policemen who shot at a female university student's
car during a drug bust have been transferred pending an investigation,
said deputy national police chief Pongsapat Pongcharoen.

Speaking to the media about the incident, Pol Gen Pongsapat said the
officers have been re-assigned to administrative positions.

Pol Sub-Lt Supot Toket, Pol Snr Sgt Maj Rassami Theptha and Pol Snr
Sgt Maj Chamnian Khandaeng have been assigned to work at police
stations under the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Police Division 4.

Pol Gen Pongsapat said the force will take responsibility for damages,
even though the student's family has not made any demands.

The incident took place on Saturday when the officers, in pursuit of a
drug suspect, mistook the car of Apisada Sajjapanroj, 21, a law
student at Chulalongkorn University, for that of a drug dealer.

She was turning at an intersection on Ramkhamhaeng Soi 118 when she
was overtaken and stopped by an unmarked police pickup.

The plainclothes police emerged from the vehicle and surrounded Ms
Apisada's car, but did not identify themselves as policemen.

Ms Apisada reversed her car and collided with a Mercedes-Benz.

One of the undercover officers fired several shots at her tyres and
she accelerated and crashed into several more vehicles before coming
to a stop.

Ms Apisada was unharmed by the gunshots.

The officers searched her car but found nothing and fled when her
relatives arrived.

Pol Gen Ake Angsananont, deputy national police chief, admitted
yesterday the officers had made a mistake and promised the three men
would not escape responsibility.

He said they face both disciplinary and criminal investigations in
connection with the incident.

Pol Gen Ake said police will hold talks with the student and her
family to discuss damages and compensation. The family has asked
police to be more careful in future.

Meanwhile, former senator Seri Suwanpanont yesterday demanded the
officers involved in the shooting be sacked from the force and
prosecuted for malfeasance.

He said disciplinary action and compensation were not

The ex-senator said the young woman could have been hurt or even

He also called on the committee not to drag its feet and wait for the
case to fade away.

"They should be fired and taken to court for malfeasance," he

"Something must be done to ensure that police officers take better
precautions for safety while pursuing suspects in the future."
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