Pubdate: Fri, 18 Jul 2014
Source: Montgomery Advertiser (AL)
Copyright: 2014 The Advertiser Co.
Author: Ken Scott


I think I have figured out something. Let's combine Josh Moon et al.,
including Big Brother, and we have a solution for Alabama and America.

Legalize pot in America, and Congress will make some important
decisions about immigration, the IRS and phony scandals, and even
future phony scandals. It might require food because pot makes you
hungry, I hear, so the cost of groceries might go up exponentially.

Reduce the speed limit to 25 on the Interstate and in Montgomery,
because pot makes you sluggish when trying to decide what those yellow
things are that hang from poles and wires and have green, yellow and
red colors. To a pot user, 25 is like flying an F-22 Raptor with four
tires on the Interstate.

Legalize pot because the meaning for pot pies will have new meaning!
Or what about potpourri? That one's gonna be a buzz.

We can form the Stoned Study Group to tackle issues facing the state.
Can you imagine reading that legislation in written form? I can see
new jobs in the use of interpreters. OK, now I am getting it:
workforce development.

Youth groups might get down with this scene. You know, pot for the
Millennials. That will help get over hurt feelings.

Mary Jane for the masses. I can only imagine cutting my grass while
high on grass. I might end up cutting grass for the whole neighborhood.
Hey, community service!

Well, gotta go, getting hungry right about now!

Ken Scott

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