Pubdate: Fri, 11 Jul 2014
Source: Sedalia Democrat (MO)
Copyright: 2014 Jeanette Pahlow
Author: Jeanette Pahlow


To the Editor:

In response to the letter encouraging us to support
legalizing/decriminalizing drugs, I'll address the last point first-if
the majority of prison inmates are incarcerated for drug offenses, it
seems we are not losing the drug war.

Next-yes, society and alcohol have come to an understanding-alcohol
purchase and usage require laws to protect us from drunk drivers and
underage drinkers. We spend millions of dollars to rehabilitate
alcoholics. The damage to their families is often not fixable. I think
it would be difficult to convince the Missouri families of the 19
people killed July 4, 2013, plus those injured due to alcohol-related
accidents that use of alcohol is under control.

Now, we are going to legalize/decriminalize drugs including marijuana
(the gateway drug to hard drugs), methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and
others-all addictive and destructive. Doing this is going to make the
illegal drug market and drug cartels collapse. Really? Really? Do we
really believe drug cartels are going to just give up their billions
of dollars each year and their power?? We already know legal medicinal
drugs are difficult to control. The cartels will find ways to
circumvent whatever laws are enacted to control "legalized" drug sales
and use.

If drug legalization is a sensible solution, why don't we legalize
prostitution, pornography, theft, murder, child abuse, domestic
violence, arson and more. Then our jails will be empty and we will
need fewer police since they will only be cleaning up the messes. We
won't worry about the children uncared for, more people driving and
working under the influence of drugs, the loss of initiative and
desire to succeed.

Marijuana, meth, heroin, cocaine and the others are outlawed for a
reason-they cannot be controlled and they do not enhance the
well-being of our nation and its citizens.

Jeanette Pahlow


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