Pubdate: Tue, 08 Jul 2014
Source: London Free Press (CN ON)
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Author: Dan Brown
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Ex-Londoner Is Being Released From a U.S. Prison Where He's Doing 
Time for Selling Marijuana Seeds

Former Londoner Marc Emery, Canada's "Prince of Pot," is coming home 
- - but maybe not for awhile. Emery's prison time in the U.S. ends 
Wednesday but he likely won't be back on Canadian soil for weeks, 
maybe months, his wife Jodie said Monday from Mississippi, where 
Emery is finishing out his sentence. Emery - known for his efforts to 
legalize marijuana - is the former owner of London's City Lights used 
bookstore. He's excited to be coming home, his wife said. He was 
extradited to the U.S. in 2010 to serve a five-year sentence for his 
Vancouver mail-order business selling marijuana seeds.

With credit for good behaviour, Emery will be freed this week. But 
before being dropped off at Windsor to cross the border back into 
Canada, Emery will be processed at a deportation facility in 
Louisiana. He could be there from two weeks to eight months, his wife added.

According to his prison blog posts, Emery plans to spend time in 
London, where he still has family, once U.S. authorities ship him to 
Windsor. "I am from London, Ont. originally, and that's only two 
hours from Windsor, and my brother would likely come to pick me up, 
or friends. . . . in Toronto would come to pick me up," he blogged.

Emery has also blogged from prison about his support for federal 
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. Trudeau has said he'll legalize 
marijuana if the Liberals form the next government in Ottawa.

"We're going to be speaking across Canada," Jodie Emery said of the 
couple's post-prison plans. Such a speaking tour would include 
London, she confirmed.
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