Pubdate: Mon, 07 Jul 2014
Source: Daily Times (Primos, PA)
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Page: 19
Note: San Jose Mercury News


Long a leader in making marijuana mainstream, California is watching 
Colorado blaze a trail for legalized recreational pot with avid eyes.

The mood in Colorado is good. Six months in, few of the predicted 
problems have materialized, tax revenue and tourism are booming, and 
public support for legal pot appears to be growing.

Voters approved legalization in 2012 by a margin of 10 percent, but a 
March poll found Colorado voters now favor it by a 22-point margin. 
And 61 percent believe it has made the state better or not changed 
it. Another poll in April found that most people believe it's been 
good for the state, hasn't made driving less safe and will save 
taxpayers money and increase personal freedom. Still, there have been 
problems. Hospitals are seeing more kids made ill by edible marijuana 
products like candy and baked goods, and more adults are having 
psychotic episodes. Opponents and supporters are still debating 
whether crime is up or down. And marijuana businesses are still 
trying to build working relationships with banks that are leery of 
the federal marijuana ban.
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