Pubdate: Mon, 30 Jun 2014
Source: Stabroek News (Guyana)
Copyright: 2014 Stabroek News
Author: Ian Forde
Page: 25


Dear Editor,

Over the last years, there has been much said about police brutality 
towards members of our society, more so the poorer class. The first 
police force when established in London by Sir Robert Peel was 
designed to protect the property of the rich from attacks by the 
criminal, mostly poor element. The police attacks noted are just 
reminders of the real role of the force. It is not by accident they 
are called a 'Force.'

There is a huge gap in wealth between the rich and the poor . As a 
consequence, the poor have increased their criminal activities to 
reduce this gap. These acts of murder and robbery should not be 
condoned. What else can the poor do to redress this imbalance in 
wealth distribution?

Certain states in America have found the legalization of cannabis for 
medical and recreational use has been very economically profitable, 
to say nothing of the social benefits. The only purpose the 
criminalization of cannabis in Guyana serves is to create criminals. 
I have personally witnessed young people jailed for the cultivation 
of small amounts of cannabis turn to full-fledged crime after release 
from prison. Having a criminal record meant they could not obtain 
regular jobs. The legalization of marijuana could create a plethora 
of jobs as the plant is very versatile in its uses.

Many plants in Guyana have brought untold wealth to their cultivators 
and harvesters, eg rice, cane, coconuts, timber . The poor people of 
Guyana are asking for cannabis to be added to the list so they can 
forsake a life of crime and reap the benefits of our culture.

Yours faithfully, Ian Forde
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