Pubdate: Wed, 25 Jun 2014
Source: North Bay Nugget (CN ON)
Copyright: 2014 North Bay Nugget
Author: Robert Sharpe
Page: A4


Regarding Warren Kinsella's June 23 column, is the Conservative Party 
on the payroll of Mexican drug cartels? Conservatives would have 
Canadians believe the job of keeping drugs out of the hands of 
children is best left to criminals. Illegal drug dealers don't ID for 
age. Right now it's easier for kids to buy marijuana than beer. 
Taxing and regulating marijuana will restrict youth access to drugs, 
in particular the really dangerous ones.

Marijuana legalization will close the gateway to hard drugs by taking 
marijuana distribution out of the hands of criminals that sell meth, 
cocaine and heroin. The marijuana plant is relatively harmless; 
marijuana prohibition is deadly. Conservatives who call marijuana a 
gateway drug are shameless. They are using the collateral damage 
caused by marijuana prohibition to justify throwing good money after 
bad public policy.

Robert Sharpe,  MPA Policy Analyst  Common Sense for Drug Policy 
Washington, DC 20012
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