Pubdate: Tue, 24 Jun 2014
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
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Author: John G. Chase
Page: 8

Letter of the Day


Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a reliable reporter. Last August, his CNN "Weed 
1" documentary showed us the heart-rending videos of Charlotte Figi, 
who was initially having seizures, then was virtually healed by 
high-CBD cannabis.

Gupta followed up with "Weed 2" in March and spoke in favor of the 
"entourage effects" - the "synergy" discovered by Israeli researchers 
in the whole plant.

Amendment 2 would legalize the whole plant as medicine. But the 
Tribune recommends a "no" vote because some people might want the 
whole plant only to treat back pain or relieve stress or even, God 
forbid, to smoke and "get high." A few people will, but what about 
the vast majority - the patients who now must break the law to get 
relief they can't get from pills?

I trust their testimony long before I trust the tests funded by Big 
Pharma and spoon-fed to the FDA for their approval.

John G. Chase

Palm Harbor
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