Pubdate: Mon, 23 Jun 2014
Source: Metro (Edmonton, CN AB)
Copyright: 2014 Metro Canada
Author: Jeremy Nolais
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Medical marijuana consumers complaining about Health Canada's attempt 
to criminalize home grows

Few suppliers and a lack of willing doctors are among the concerns 
being raised by Alberta medical marijuana users testing a new federal 
system for supplying the drug.

Health Canada aimed to criminalize home marijuana grows by April 1, 
but a court injunction has prevented such measures from being fully 
implemented for the time being.

Edmontonian William Carlson had trashed his plants in advance of the 
coming legal change, but when the injunction came in, he decided to 
start another crop.

He said he hasn't gone to a licensed producer in the federal 
government's new system, because he's heard nothing but horror stories.

"A lot of people are having problems because they signed up with a 
licensed producer and the licensed producer has no medicine for them," he said.

Carlson said if the court injunction is lifted and he's forced to 
dismantle his grow room permanently, he won't be able to take the drug.

"I wouldn't be able to afford to do it any more," he said.

Twenty-year-old Calgary resident Bob, whom Metro agreed not to 
formally identify, orders eight to nine grams per month from 
Vancouver-based supplier Med Pot Now and then buys an additional 
supply off the street.

He suffered a stroke last September and spent 10 months just trying 
to find a doctor that would approve a marijuana prescription. "They 
were prescribing me OxyContin, Percocet and all these other drugs so 
quick," he said. "Then, when it comes to marijuana, they're all 
beating around the bush."

The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams have supported the move 
away from home marijuana growing, citing public safety. But Staff 
Sgt. Keith Hurley said while Canada hasn't legalized the drug, he 
fears federal law changes could create a similar scenario to one 
being seen in Colorado. As pot tourists flood into the state, the 
general consensus is that many illegal dealers are reaping the profits.

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