Pubdate: Fri, 20 Jun 2014
Source: Fort McMurray Today (CN AB)
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Author: Warren Kinsella
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Good people of Scarborough-Agincourt, we give you Liberal Party 
candidate Arnold Chan. You should vote for him not so much for what 
Arnold has done - but for what the Conservative Party hasn't.

To be precise, the Conservative Party hasn't behaved itself in the 
Toronto riding, which was formerly the domain of one Jim Karygiannis. 
This week, the ruling party circulated noxious flyers all over 
Scarborough- Agincourt, much in the way the Axis used to drop 
propaganda leaflets on advancing Allied troops.

As in that case, the Tory propaganda is unlikely to defeat the Grit 
forces. Take a look at the leaflet in question, if you don't believe 
us. On one side, there is a photograph of Karygiannis, alongside a 
quote in which he is critical of the Liberal Party under leader 
Justin Trudeau. The Conservatives apparently think this is a big 
deal. Apparently they are unaware that Karygiannis - who stood 
astride Scarborough- Agincourt, like a Greek colossus of Rhodes, for 
more than 25 years - has disparaged every Liberal leader for a 
generation. Karygiannis being critical of Liberal leaders isn't in 
any way news.

The flip side of the glossy Conservative Party leaflet is truly news, 
however, and voters in the June 30 Scarborough- Agincourt byelection 
should take note. It is, as Trudeau himself said, disgusting. It is a disgrace.

The leaflet displays an unflattering photograph of a goateed Trudeau, 
alongside a boy who is smoking a joint. Smoke is wafting towards 
Trudeau, and the leaflet states that "Trudeau wants marijuana in 
local stores, just like alcohol and cigarettes."

Well, no, actually, he doesn't. Trudeau's marijuana policy - over 
which the Conservative Party has been obsessing for more than a year 
- - is one that is supported by plenty of folks, including veteran 
police officers. If implemented carefully, it is a sensible, 
reasonable approach.

Says Trudeau: "Our current approach on marijuana is failing in two 
primary ways. The first one is it is not protecting our kids from the 
negative impacts of marijuana on the developing brain. Secondly, we 
are funnelling millions upon millions of dollars each year into 
organized crime and criminal gangs."

Does that sound to you like Justin Trudeau and his party wish to sell 
"marijuana in local stores, just like alcohol and cigarettes"? No, it doesn't.

In fact, it sounds like Trudeau wants to move aggressively to keep 
dope away from kids - and that he wants to inflict maximum damage on 
criminal organizations that profit from trafficking in it.

So, in other words, the Conservative Party leaflet - which was 
fraudulently designed to look like it came from Jim Karygiannis, not 
the Conservatives - is a lie. More significantly, it will not work.

Here is something that can be placed on another leaflet: One, about 
50 polls have been conducted since Justin Trudeau became Liberal leader.

He has been far ahead of Stephen Harper in all but a couple of them. 
Two, the Conservatives' bizarre, infantile fixation on marijuana - 
which just about every living adult Canadian has tried, at least once 
- - hasn't helped them one bit. There is evidence (see point one) it 
may even have hurt them.

There is a year left until the Conservative Party's mandate runs out. 
If their idiocy in Scarborough- Agincourt is going to remain their 
political strategy, it will be their last year in power.

Remember that name, Scarborough- Agincourt: Arnold Chan.

By voting for him, you have a unique opportunity to send the 
Conservative Party a message.

That is, it is Stephen Harper who is acting like he is on drugs. Not 
Justin Trudeau.
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