Pubdate: Fri, 13 Jun 2014
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
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Nora Volkow's warnings in the New England Journal of Medicine of the
long- and short-term dangers of marijuana are lost on me, as long as
we continue to use drugs that are equally dangerous in our lives every
day. Consider a drug that leads to addiction, heart irregularities,
impaired judgment, liver disease, depression and fetal damage a=C2=80" al

Consider a drug that leads to addiction, nervousness, both hyper- and
hypoglycemia, and sleep disorders a=C2=80" caffeine.

Consider a drug that causes addiction, asthma, cancer, COPD, heart
disease, stroke, and impaired judgment a=C2=80" tobacco.

Yes, marijuana needs to be regulated and taxed. No, we do not need to
continue what happened during alcohol prohibition a=C2=80" the rise of
crime and the proliferation of dangerous alcohol products.

Overuse of any substance, whether it be aspirin, sugar or marijuana,
can result in dangerous side effects.

People will use marijuana, whether legal or illegal. Legal, safe, and
regulated are the answers, not prison or prohibition.

Carl L. Zielonka, Tampa
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