Pubdate: Fri, 06 Jun 2014
Source: Capital Times, The  (WI)
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Author: Gary Storck


Dear Editor: I have suffered from glaucoma and other serious medical
conditions since birth. Thirty-five years ago, my ophthalmologist wrote
in a letter, "I am familiar with reports that marijuana lowers
intraocular pressure in many people who have glaucoma. If marijuana were
available for me to prescribe to this patient, I would be willing to do
so, in the hope it would adequately control his condition with fewer
side effects than the medications currently available."

Eight years earlier, when I had smoked marijuana before a checkup,
another eye doctor found my usually highly elevated eye pressures were

Wisconsin legislators passed a law in 1982 signed by Gov. Lee Sherman
Dreyfus that legalized pot for patients with cancer and glaucoma but
left the supply up to federal authorities.

Comprehensive medical cannabis legislation like AB 480/SB 363, the
Jacki Rickert Medical Cannabis Act, has failed to get out of committee
session after session, despite overwhelming public support.

Meanwhile, even the U.S. House recently voted to end federal raids in
states that have passed medical marijuana laws with the Wisconsin
delegation voting 5-3 in favor as well.

Testifying at a 1979 hearing at the Capitol, cancer patient and former
Madison Ald. Donald Murdoch said, "It would be cruel not to pass this
legislation for fear that people might misinterpret our intent.
Marijuana can help. I know from my own experience."

Murdoch's words remain true today, and medical cannabis is now the law
of the land in 22 states. But for Wisconsin patients, there seems to
be no end in sight for the cruelty as the wait for legal access
extends into decades.

Gary Storck

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