Pubdate: Tue, 03 Jun 2014
Source: Austin Daily Herald, The (MN)
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Author: Trey Mewes
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A local marijuana activist is looking to get the city of Austin to 
bid on hosting one of eight medical marijuana dispensaries under 
Minnesota's new medical marijuana law.

Deanna Ryther asked the Austin City Council during its public meeting 
Monday to put together a committee to ask the state Department of 
Health to build a dispensary in Austin, citing her own need for 
medical marijuana as well as the high demand around the state.

"It's in our best interest to look at Austin as one of those cities," she said.

Ryther has been an active advocate for medical marijuana over the 
past year and also organized the first Austin Minnesota Hemp Fest 
last September. Yet she has also come into conflict with city 
officials and other community leaders over her ardent advocacy for 
medical marijuana.

Mayor Tom Stiehm said Ryther is welcome to speak to Police Chief 
Brian Krueger about the issue, and city staff could research the 
process if residents advocated for a dispensary. Yet Stiehm couldn't 
say whether the city would move forward on the issue.
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