Pubdate: Mon, 19 May 2014
Source: New Haven Register (CT)
Copyright: 2014 New Haven Register
Author: Dave Lane
Page: A8


Letter writer Ron Johnson proves that cannabis causes irrational and
illogical thinking in those who don't use it. His statement about it
being a "gateway drug" has been thoroughly disproven. Using his logic
one could deduce that nearly 100 percent of heroin addicts drank milk
as a child, so milk must be a gateway drug.

Recent studies have provided that cannabis use does not cause cancer,
so his statements about health consequences are similarly off base.
The truth is the only reason anyone dies of a heroin overdose is
because of prohibition. If they could buy this drug from legal sources
with known purity and accurate dosage information overdoses would disappear.

All drugs were legal for all of history until the last 100 years and
mankind found a way to survive, largely by exercising personal
responsibility. Ron seems to think that if drugs are re-legalized
everyone will use them. Of course this is untrue and most of us would
benefit by not having black market dealers who target our kids and use
violence to enforce their market share.

- - Dave Lane Santa Cruz, Calif.
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