Pubdate: Fri, 16 May 2014
Source: Arab Times (Kuwait)
Copyright: 2014 Associated Press
Page: 9


(AP) - Tunisia's prime minister has backed a reform of the country's 
harsh penalties for cannabis possession, calling it "out of sync" 
with current times.

In a press conference late Wednesday, Mehdi Jomaa promised to "amend 
the law to adapt it to the new reality" in society. The current law 
gives prison sentences of up to five years for possession of cannabis.

Jomaa was responding to a question over the situation of prominent 
blogger Aziz Hamami, arrested Monday for cannabis use.

Hamami's outspoken blog gained widespread attention during the 2011 
revolution against Tunisia's former dictator. Activists accuse the 
police of using harsh drug laws to target those they disagree with. 
Supporters for Hamami demonstrated for his release on Tuesday.
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