Pubdate: Sat, 17 May 2014
Source: Ashland Daily Tidings (OR)
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Author: Buffy Pollock


Managers of The Greenery in Phoenix vow they will continue to stay
open as long as they can "provide safe access" to medical marijuana,
despite facing a court order by the city to close.

The Greenery was given a 5 p.m. Friday deadline to voluntarily close
dispensary operations at its Main Street location or be forced to
close under court order.

The Greenery is open today and tomorrow to provide medical cannabis to
cardholders of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, managers said.

Greenery Executive Director Andrea Adams said Friday she would fight
to continue to serve the more than 4,000 medical marijuana patients
who have used her nonprofit organization.

Phoenix City Manager Steve Dahl said Friday city legal counsel will
proceed with a request for an injunction at the start of business on

The city sent a letter last week asking The Greenery to close
voluntarily. Adams said the city had not responded to her request for
further discussion.

Dahl said he also sent a police officer to the organization to deliver
a copy of the letter by hand.

"We were very clear that if they did not close voluntarily, we would
proceed with the injunction," said Dahl.

"We did not see a need to have another conversation," he said. "We
have had multiple conversations this past year and we were directed by
the City Council to enforce the moratorium and take the necessary
steps to close them down. That's all we have to say on the subject."

Phoenix police earlier this year cited The Greenery 33 times for
operating without a business license, but the tickets were dismissed
by the city's Municipal Court.

Phoenix Municipal Judge James A. Wickre said in March The Greenery
could not be cited for failure to obtain a business license because
city codes prevented the business from receiving one.

The city enacted a four-month moratorium on medical marijuana
facilities in March, then passed a yearlong ban in May.

The City Council on Monday will consider revising the wording of an
ordinance that allows the city to cite businesses that do not obtain a
business license.

Mayor Jeff Bellah said the city would raise its maximum citable amount
from $100 to $500 and include wording that would specifically prohibit
businesses from operating without a license.

Monday's meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the council chambers, 1000
South B St.  
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