Pubdate: Fri, 09 May 2014
Source: Metro (Edmonton, CN AB)
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Author: Leah Germain


No odour. Marijuana oil used is more potent than regular joint

Liquid marijuana has found its way onto Edmonton school grounds as
police are noticing an emerging trend of students toking up in
electronic cigarettes.

The Edmonton Police Service was first notified of the problem two
weeks ago and since that time, school resource officers have reported
five incidents of local high school students using e-cigarettes to
smoke marijuana.

While no charges have been laid in any of the incidents, Sgt. Kelly
Rosnau said officers are now going to be closely monitoring for drug
abuse with the pseudo-smokes.

"Our eyes are open, we are more aware of (this issue)," Rosnau said
Thursday. "It's prevalent, it's everywhere. Kids are jumping on this
very quickly."

By using e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana oil, users are able to mask
the smell and odour of the drug.

Rosnau said one of the top concerns for the use of marijuana oil is
its high THC potency - as 90 per cent - compared to a regular
marijuana cigarette, which is around 10 to 20 percent THC levels.

With little odour, marijuana oil can be masked with different flavours
by using an e-cigarette, adding to the appeal for youth, said ALERT
officer Pierre Blais.

"A target group for this type of drug use is the youth," said Blais.
"It's very appealing to youth. It's cool, it masks the smell with
cherry, bubblegum."

Both school boards have prohibited e-cigs on school grounds in order
to help curb the use of marijuana.

"We need to support our police partners in this activity," said Carol
Symons, spokesperson from the Edmonton Public School Board. "We're
aware of the presence of e-cigarettes. We're trying to move swiftly
and make a good example for our community."

Another concern with marijuana oil is the way it's produced, which
requires large amounts of butane and can cause explosions.
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