Pubdate: Tue, 06 May 2014
Source: Packet & Times (CN ON)
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Author: Sara Ross
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Kehoe to Continue Pursuit of Ban on Sale of Drug Paraphernalia

With little interest from Orillia council members in the development 
of a bylaw prohibiting the sale of drug paraphernalia to minors, 
Coun. Patrick Kehoe has asked for more time.

"It is a long shot, but I'd like a couple of weeks just to explore 
this once more before bringing it back," Kehoe said during Monday's 
council committee meeting.

Council committee approved postponing a decision on the creation of a 
bylaw. In September 2013, the Orillia Police Services Board made a 
request to council to look into the possible implementation of the 
bylaw after an Orillia parent complained about a minor purchasing a 
pipe from The Pot Shop on Albert Street.

In a report to council committee, Shawn Crawford, the city's manager 
of legislative services, noted there could be significant legal costs 
to defend the city if a business challenges the bylaw, the bylaw 
would be difficult to enforce and most municipal law enforcement 
officers and police officers do not have the skills, ability, 
knowledge or resources to adequately investigate the sale of drug 

Kehoe noted the city could use the Smoke-Free Ontario Act to prevent 
the sale to minors.

"Though the paraphernalia or devices may be used for other things, 
tobacco is often the excuse," Kehoe said.

The act regulates the manufacturing, sale and labelling and promotion 
of tobacco products.

"Rolling papers, for instance, are deemed tobacco products and cannot 
be sold to anyone under the age of 18," Kehoe said.

He said he will continue discussions with the Simcoe Muskoka District 
Health Unit. The matter will be discussed at the May 26 council 
committee meeting.
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