Pubdate: Sun, 04 May 2014
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)
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Corbett's Medical Marijuana Position Is Timid

In supporting the use of cannabis for children afflicted by seizures,
Gov. Tom Corbett has heeded the call of humanity. While this was a big
step for him personally - given his opposition to the use of medical
marijuana - it is limited in terms of the greater issue.

Mr. Corbett acknowledged as much in a statement announcing the move.
He said that he had met with parents of children who have severe
seizure disorders and had heard their "concerns and heartbreaking
stories." But, he said, "we must address this issue in a way that
helps these families, but also protects the public health and safety
of all Pennsylvanians."

Translation: He's not going one toke over the line. His proposal
includes new legislation that would allow a research-based pilot
treatment program involving cannabidiol with leading children's
hospitals in Pennsylvania. CBD is an oil derivative of cannabis that
is taken orally.

The problem is that by opening the door a crack, and conceding that
marijuana has a legitimate medical use, he leaves older Pennsylvanians
who are nauseated or in pain on the outside looking in. Children are a
sympathetic group, but not the only one.

This not-even-half-a-loaf approach, while a tiny step in the right
direction, suggests that Mr. Corbett has heeded the call not only of
humanity but of politics in an election year.
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