Pubdate: Fri, 02 May 2014
Source: New Haven Register (CT)
Copyright: 2014 New Haven Register
Author: Ron Johnson
Page: A10


The dictionary describes marijuana as hemp-the dried flower tops and
leaves of this plant, capable of producing disorienting or
hallucinogenic effects when smoked in cigarettes or ingested. Does
this sound like a substance we want people to be under the influence
of? How about pilots, drivers, ship captains, train operators,
lawyers, doctors, teachers and engineers? Of course not; but I
encourage those who advocate the use of pot to read the book "The Real
Marijuana Danger" by Malcolm F. Smith.

Why would anyone want to legalize pot, knowing statistics prove 90
percent of heroin, cocaine and crack addicts began first using
marijuana. It is definitely a stepping stone or gateway drug. In
Connecticut alone, overdose of heroin has increased 48 percent over
the last two years. Last year, 257 people in Connecticut died from
heroin overdose. I am disappointed in the lack of doctors,
professionals and rehab people coming forward to warn about the
dangers and consequences of long-term use.

It is no wonder that the chemicals in pot, including THC, have some
dangerous and negative effects on the body including the following:

One year of smoking pot equals 20 years of smoking

Can shorten one's lifespan by as much as 10 years.

Will impair reaction time, mental ability and coordination.

Has a negative affect on our genes, chromosomes and cell

Can instill false confidence and promote chronic passivity.

Unfortunately, a few states have legalized the use of pot. This is a
big mistake and will come back to haunt us. So why deliberately and
voluntarily introduce a substance, which would further hinder our
achievements and goals? To legalize pot would be a good example of
man's failings and we would be leaving an unforgivable legacy for the
next generation.

- - Ron Johnson

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