Pubdate: Sat, 26 Apr 2014
Source: London Free Press (CN ON)
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Author: Dale Carruthers
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Health Canada Inspection Found Problems With Greenleaf Medicinals' Purple Kush

Dozens of medical marijuana users have been left in limbo after a 
B.C.-based producer issued a recall for a batch of pot.

Greenleaf Medicinals issued a voluntary recall of its Purple Kush 
strain April 18 after a Health Canada inspection found problems with 
the company's control, production and oversight procedures.

Though Greenleaf has promised to help its client find new suppliers, 
that hasn't happened, leaving the 63 users affected by the recall 
with the possibility of being without prescription pot for weeks.

One London-area Greenleaf client says Health Canada has hung him out to dry.

The man, who only wanted to be identified only as Jay, registered 
with Greenleaf by sending the original copy of his authorization to 
possess - the document required to be supplied with medicinal 
marijuana - as required by Health Canada.

Without a new supplier, authorization papers and dwindling supplies, 
Jay said he's worried some users might be forced to buy marijuana illegally.

"I don't want to have to go back to having to score it on the 
street," said Jay, 39, who smokes marijuana to treat an anxiety disorder.

Health Canada says Greenleaf clients have two options.

"Greenleaf is presently working with other licensed producers to find 
a supply of marijuana for their clients, or clients may register with 
another licensed producer by contacting their health-care 
practitioner to obtain a new medical document," Health Canada 
spokesperson Sean Upton said in an e-mail.

But going back to the doctor is inconvenient and costs hundreds of 
dollars, said Jay, who lives hours away from his old doctor.

Another reason Jay doesn't want to get new possession papers is 
because he also has a personal production licence - something the 
government no longer issues. His licence to grow his own pot is only 
valid if his authorization is dated before March 31, 2014, when the 
government changed the regulations.

"Following Health Canada's guidelines, I got screwed," Jay said.

The Greenleaf recall is the first announced by Health Canada.

Greenleaf no longer appears on the government's list of approved 
marijuana producers and the company's website has been taken down.

"Greenleaf has agreed to voluntarily stop sale of marijuana until the 
issues have been corrected at their site. Health Canada removed them 
from the listing until the issues have been corrected and the company 
has been re-inspected," Upton said.



40,000 medical marijuana users in Canada 3 million medical marijuana 
plants grown in Canada last year 31 medical conditions that can be 
treated with a marijuana prescription $1.3B estimated size of medical 
marijuana market by 2024

Sources: Health Canada, producer websites
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