Pubdate: Mon, 21 Apr 2014
Source: Metro (Calgary, CN AB)
Page: 5
Copyright: 2014 Metro Canada
Author: Lucy Haines
Note: with files from Robson Fletcher


Puffs of marijuana smoke floated above Calgary City Hall Sunday while
clouds of it ascended above the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton, as
part of 420 rallies held across the province and nationwide.

While the pro-pot crowd in Calgary numbered in the dozens, the
gathering in Edmonton was counted in the thousands.

The peaceful assembly in the provincial capital - with blankets, bongo
drums and spontaneous hacky sack games - looked more like a day at the
folk festival instead of a protest rally, with police dotting the
perimeter to make sure the communal pot-smoking event remained

Alberta 420 director Keith Fagin said the primary goal of such events
isn't to encourage public consumption of marijuana, but rather to
educate the public about cannabis and advocate for

Grant MacEwan student Nathan Scott, 23, said the "Happy Bus" that
brings Calgarians to Edmonton for the annual marijuana demonstration
highlights the northern city's more liberal nature.

"Calgary isn't as quick to adapt to socially progressive stuff," he
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