Pubdate: Mon, 21 Apr 2014
Source: Orlando Sentinel (FL)
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Author: Melanie Marshall
Page: A11


I would like to share why I support the legalization of marijuana. 
For starters, marijuana never should have been made illegal. Its 
prohibition was made possible only through terrifying lies. It is 
nontoxic and beneficial; and our cannabis laws honestly do cause a 
tremendous amount of pain, which radiates negatively throughout our 
community. I know because I've experienced this personally and 
through too many friends and family members.

The main reason I want our cannabis laws abolished is to put a large 
dent in the number of unwarranted searches our police are performing 
each year. A search may not sound like much, but let me assure you, 
it is infuriating and humiliating, and its effects last for years.

The only real danger of cannabis use is getting caught. That's a 
heavy but invisible ball and chain. We can have our police spending 
more time on solving violent crimes, and we can wrench this solid and 
lucrative market from those who are up to no good.

Please help Floridians overcome the irrational fear of the cannabis 
plant through good information. Senate Bill 1562 will help modernize 
some outdated laws.

Melanie Marshall

Jacksonville Beach
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