Pubdate: Sun, 20 Apr 2014
Source: Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ)
Copyright: 2014 The Arizona Republic
Author: Dennis Bohlke
Note: Dennis Bohlke, treasurer of Safer Arizona PAC


Our state would experience a renaissance of business, culture and 
arts if our citizens could be lifted from the tyranny of the marijuana laws.

Our young people would no longer be preyed on and arrested to be 
branded as felons for the rest of their lives. There would be 18,000 
fewer arrests each year. The seizing of property and children from us 
would be lessened.

In Arizona each night, 81,000 people are behind bars in 13 prisons 
and 15 county jails, yet our state has only 235 beds for the mentally 
ill in the state hospital. Roughly two out of 100 adults in Arizona 
sleep behind bars.

Arizona has become a theocracy of the corporate cult that wears magic 
underwear. The political repression implemented through the current 
drug laws would be lifted, and we could return to being what we 
historically have been: a state born in a progressive era.

Our tourist industry would grow, and large corporations would be less 
hesitant to come to our state. Computer-technology-based business 
would increase.

We would be safer and more secure in our homes knowing that our doors 
are not going to be busted down for a little weed. Fewer people would 
die of alcohol poisoning. Marijuana is safer than alcohol.

Liberty and justice would be for all, not just those who are 
followers of the cult of abstinence and self-deprivation.
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