Pubdate: Sat, 19 Apr 2014
Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, AR)
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Author: Brent Jones


Modern times and the progression of marijuana laws call for a 
standard of proofing different types of marijuana strains. Marijuana 
is used today by many people around the United States for medical 
problems, such as nerve pain or chemotherapy-related nausea.

Would the government allow people to consume any type of other 
medication without strict guidelines on the drug and its ingredients? 
I think the federal government and FDA need to step in and require 
the regulation of all marijuana and THC-containing edibles to ensure 
public health and safety. Marijuana is not yet legal in all 50 states 
for medicinal use, but in the future it most likely will be, and 
there should be measures put into place ahead of time.

Consumers should have the right to know the potency and potential 
symptoms of a specific strain before they use the product. A 
standardized proofing system needs to be put into place in order to 
reduce potential risks with dosing. Unlike all other FDA-approved 
medications, marijuana is most often smoked and does not have an 
exact "dose," which increases potential for misuse.

Marijuana has proven to be a legitimate source for medical treatment 
for many illnesses and it is going to take public help to push 
lawmakers into ensuring public health in this matter. According to 
federal law, there is no currently accepted medicinal value to 
marijuana, yet there have been many studies done by federally funded 
agencies that have concluded otherwise. Proofing is something that 
marijuana and its users need in order to properly medicate, and I 
believe there is no longer a case for deniability in the case of the 
federal government.


Hot Springs
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