Pubdate: Sat, 12 Apr 2014
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Author: Ellwood Shreve


A second application to house a medical marijuana production facility
in Chatham-Kent is slated to come before municipal council at Monday's
planning meeting.

A Nova Scotia numbered company is seeking a zoning bylaw amendment to
allow for the production of medical marijuana in a former auto parts
manufacturing facility at 566 Riverview Dr. in Chatham.

Municipal planning consultant Rob Brown, with Storey Samways Ltd.,
estimates the company wants to use about half the space in the
196,450-square-foot building.

When asked what kind of interest has been shown in establishing
medical marijuana operations in Chatham-Kent, Brown said "we've had a
lot of calls."

However, he added, "we haven't had anybody file any additional
applications at this point."

The municipality has only seen one other request for a zoning bylaw
amendment, which came in January from an Ontario number company
seeking to established a medical marijuana facility on Longwoods Road
in Chatham Township.

Brown believes some people are still in the fact-finding

"The Health Canada regulations are fairly detailed and take quite a
bit of time to get through," he said.

Brown said there's been a few inquiries about locating this type of
operation in an industrial area, but added there has been more
interest in agricultural locations.

Council approved the first zoning bylaw amendment application to allow
for a medical marijuana operation at the same time it agreed to the
criteria, established by Chatham-Kent's planning department, to allow
for these type of facilities.

"The zoning is set up as such that only a licensed facility, by Health
Canada, is permitted," Brown said.

Other requirements set out by Chatham-Kent to allow for a medical
marijuana processing operation, include:

- - Setbacks of 75 metres from a residential, institutional or open
space boundary within primary urban areas;

- - Setbacks increase to 100 metres in locations not in a primary urban

- - Establishing parking requirements;

- - Prohibiting residential uses on lots zoned for marijuana

Potential producers would also have to notify local government, police
and fire officials.  
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