Pubdate: Wed, 09 Apr 2014
Source: Macon Telegraph (GA)
Copyright: 2014 The Macon Telegraph Publishing Company
Author: Robert Sharpe


Georgia Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon is to be commended for making the 
case for medical cannabis. While there have been studies showing that 
cannabis can shrink cancerous tumors, medical cannabis is essentially 
a palliative drug. If a doctor recommends cannabis to a cancer 
patient undergoing chemotherapy and it helps them feel better, then 
it's working. In the end, medical cannabis is a quality of life 
decision best left to patients and their doctors.

Drug warriors waging war on non-corporate drugs contend that organic 
cannabis is not an effective health intervention. Their prescribed 
intervention for medical cannabis patients is handcuffs, jail cells 
and criminal records. This heavy-handed approach suggests that drug 
warriors should not be dictating health-care decisions. It's long 
past time to let doctors decide what is right for their patients; 
sick patients should not be criminalized for daring to seek relief 
using cannabis.

- -- Robert Sharpe, MPA

Policy Analyst Common Sense for Drug Policy Washington, D.C.
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