Pubdate: Sun, 06 Apr 2014
Source: Pueblo Chieftain (CO)
Copyright: 2014 Bart Catena
Author: Bart Catena


I attended the meeting at one of the regular sessions of the Pueblo
West Metro Board. The topic of the night was preventing any additional
medical marijuana businesses to locate to Pueblo West.

The testimony unanimously was opposed to this silly resolution. There
were a number of people with concerns about this attempt to control or
even stop future businesses from operating in Pueblo West.

Most of the people who testified were businessmen and women who have
never been a part of the marijuana industry. I am a property owner who
is enthused to have a tenant in a building I own that has sat dormant
for years.

Realtors, contractors and other property owners testified to the
economic growth they've experienced because of adult recreational
marijuana. The county commissioners are working hard to implement and
follow the laws that were passed by the majority of voters in the
state and Pueblo County. This is not an easy job, especially when
there are people in our county who are doing everything to undermine
the efforts.

I wonder if some of these people are not the same ones who opposed the
Walmart distribution center a decade ago. That bad decision was made
under pressure from a few outspoken people who protested the project
and influenced the commissioners (at that time).

One of their primary reasons was that they opposed Walmart because
they would lose their view of the mountains. Sad that this small vocal
group cost this county thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in tax
revenue and helped to send us into an economic downturn. The schools
also lost millions. Millions more lost for road construction.

The marijuana industry, which some are trying to influence the county
commissioners to discriminate against, will produce hundreds of jobs,
pay millions in taxes, help existing businesses to make money, keep
their employees and pay their taxes.

Bart Catena

Pueblo West
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