Pubdate: Fri, 04 Apr 2014
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
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Author: John G. Chase


Regarding 'Common sense needed' (Your Views, March 27): 'Common 
sense' is in the eye of the beholder. In 2013, I petitioned to put 
Amendment 2 on the ballot. I found that most supporters of medical 
marijuana have a close connection to someone who found it was the 
only drug that worked, or they trusted it would be prescribed in good 
faith. Conversely, most opponents have a close connection with a 
substance abuser, or they fear it will lead to full legalization. The 
key difference is that supporters want sick people to have it without 
fear of arrest, while opponents would use the criminal justice system 
to deny it to everyone. Neither side has a perfect position.

If medical marijuana were legal, there would be some 'leakage' to 
people who just want to feel good. Conversely, if we keep the status 
quo, Florida would continue to forgo the tax revenue that legalizing 
would generate, while spending taxpayer dollars pretending that it 
reduces substance abuse. To me, common sense would be a vote for 
Amendment 2 in November for legal medical marijuana.

John G. Chase Palm Harbor
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