Pubdate: Wed, 02 Apr 2014
Source: Saint Cloud Times (MN)
Copyright: 2014 Jeff Miller
Author: Jeff Miller


Misleading details cloud debate about medical marijuana. Governor
should do what's needed to help patients.

The debate about medical marijuana has ramped up, with the governor
unwilling to sign a bill to help the sick, disabled and dying because
of unjustified cries of law enforcement groups.

There has been a plenty of odd and misleading information and
suggestions that have come to light, including:

News reports have stated that the possession and sale of 1.5 ounces or
less of marijuana is a petty misdemeanor. That is true for only
possessing less than 1.5 ounces. However, sale or manufacture of any
marijuana is a felony! The sale of even one seed, stem, or one-tenth
or less of a single gram is a felony.

This means parents of sick and suffering children will have to get
medicine from those willing to commit felonies. Is that what
Minnesotans want as our medicine distribution system - felons selling
medicine to save or better children's lives?

Gov. Mark Dayton may have suggested in a private meeting that mothers
of these children simply attain marijuana from the illegal market or
go to a state with legal access and bring it back to Minnesota. Is
this what we want our sick, disabled and dying citizens to do?

Governor, if you actually believe the people needing medical marijuana
should obtain their medicine in the illegal market, then give me a
pardon. You and the others on the board of pardons should promise a
pardon when police and prosecutors arrest and try to destroy the lives
of medical marijuana growers and sellers willing to risk their lives
and freedom to help (and possibly save lives) of people who need
proper medicine.

There is an alternative: Stop pandering to law enforcement lobbies who
should not have any part in the lawmaking process and sign a rational
medical marijuana bill.  
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