Pubdate: Thu, 27 Mar 2014
Source: New Haven Register (CT)
Copyright: 2014 Paul Standish
Author: Paul Standish


I find it a bit alarming that the New Haven Register is so desperate
for letters to the editor that they now are publishing letters from
around the country supporting legalizing marijuana. I read the musings
of people that sound like they are living in the '60s in a Volks van
with flowers on it in San Francisco. I watched a number of friends
smoke grass like it was the answer to all their problems.

Medical marijuana is a joke, as I know many who have it for back pain.
No matter if you believe that grass is no worse than alcohol. No
matter if you do not believe that it may lead to harder drugs. The
reality is in most instances you inhale a hot mixture of tar and other
chemicals into your lungs. Why are the AMA and others silent on the
dangers of smoking grass? What lengths are we willing to go to find a
new thing to tax?

How are we as a society to survive when our workers are all sitting
idle wondering "why is there air"? I know for a fact that grass
inhibits one's reaction time and clarity of thought. How many people
will die on our highways from drivers on legal marijuana? How many
will die of lung cancer? We as a society will soon cease to exist if
we keep on supporting the right to be high. Our enemies need not fire
a shot with the country sitting around "jonesing" for their next hit.
If grass is legalized, I want all those smoking it to be on a list
that cannot affect my medical benefits. They should have no coverage
for lung cancer. I do not feel I should pay for those who feel the
need to "drop out."

- - Paul Standish North Branford 
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