Pubdate: Wed, 19 Mar 2014
Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette (WI)
Copyright: 2014 Green Bay Press-Gazette
Author: Dawn Radford


What will change if cannabis prohibition is ended? People will no 
longer be arrested for it.

Pretty much everything else will remain as is.

You see, we've been sold a bill of goods about cannabis - starting 
with the plant's name. Political hacks used the Mexican "marijuana" 
in order to exploit prejudice against Latin Americans. We have a 
director of the DEA who cannot state the obvious; that cannabis is 
less harmful than heroin - because his hands have been tied. He 
didn't dodge the question because he doesn't know the answer. He is 
forced to dispense propaganda, no matter how ludicrous and/or 
divorced from reality. People wonder why law enforcement is so 
disrespected; incredibility leaches from the head down.

The plain fact is that cannabis prohibition is built on a foundation 
of lies and bigotry. I see little in this that deserves respect, much 
less obedience. Many choose disobedience.

That said, the proper solution is to fix the policy.

It's time to end cannabis prohibition.

Dawn Radford
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