Pubdate: Thu, 13 Mar 2014
Source: Republican & Herald (PA)
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Author: Isaiah Thompson


To the Editor:

Marijuana. It is a very touchy subject, and it is not generally 
accepted among most people. It's taboo. Why is that? It's because it 
is illegal, so there is a fear placed among the people. Why is a 
plant so hated in our society?

I'm writing this to voice my opinion and try to make a change. I've 
seen and heard too many people who are on my side say, "They should 
just legalize pot, man." That is not the answer. These people just 
break the law and expect things to change. That is not how it works. 
If you simply rebel and disobey the law, you will not have a voice. 
If you abide and peacefully protest, then you may be heard by the 
people who have the power to make this change. There is a vast 
majority of people who want it legalized but do not make a stand and 
fight for what they believe in reasonably. I'm going to discuss some 
vital points, rumors and misconceptions of marijuana.

Marijuana is not as scary as society has made it. One rumor is that 
marijuana kills brain cells. According to, marijuana does not 
kill brain cells. There was a test done on monkeys where the 
government pumped the equivalent of 60 marijuana cigarettes into the 
monkeys' lungs via gas mask over the course of five minutes every day 
for a month. Let's reflect on this, shall we? There is consistent 
smoke being pumped into their lungs and, with that amount of smoke, 
there is very little oxygen flowing to their brains. Lack of oxygen 
will kill brain cells, although the scientists simply put that blame 
on the marijuana not the primates' lack of oxygen.

Also, according to, marijuana can be good for your 
mental health. It is an antidepressant that has the effect of 
chemicals such as dopamine being released into your brain, which 
causes heightened senses of happiness and pleasure. Another thing 
that marijuana may be used to help treat is anorexia.This is an 
eating disorder. Smoking marijuana allegedly gives people the 
"munchies," and that is a good thing for treating the disorder.

Marijuana is a natural painkiller that is not physically addictive, 
unlike all of these other drugs out there such as Vicodin, Percocet, 
morphine etc. There is a natural chemical in marijuana known as CBD, 
which is a natural painkiller. Marijuana is not addictive physically, 
which means you can not form a dependency on the drug in comparison 
to addictive properties of other drugs such as heroin, cocaine and 
prescription painkillers. Mentally you can become addicted to it, 
just like you can become mentally addicted to even good things, such 
as exercise.

There are quite a lot of positive effects of marijuana on our bodies 
and society. Also, marijuana cannot kill you! You cannot overdose on 
marijuana. It is physically impossible. In order to overdose you must 
smoke the amount of a telephone pole on one sitting. It's time for a 
change, America.

Every voice matters, and can make a difference. I hope I have 
persuaded you into perhaps looking further into marijuana. I'm not 
accepted for this opinion, but that is something I could care less 
about. Nothing anyone can do or say at this point can change my views 
on the subject, and I shall always fight for what I believe in. I am 
who I am. You say marijuana is bad and should stay illegal? I welcome 
that opinion and argument. I say it is good, can have positive 
effects and should be legal, please accept my opinion.

This is an ongoing fight that is nowhere close to being over. Twenty 
states and Washington, D.C., have legalized marijuana for medical use 
and two have for recreational use. Let's make Pennsylvania next on 
the list. Also, Gov. Tom Corbett says that he will veto the bill if 
it makes it to him. I hope that we can change his mind.

I am 16 years old trying to make a difference. Join the ongoing fight 
in marijuana legalization. Mr. Corbett, make your decision on what 
the people want, not what you want.

Isaiah Thompson

Saint Clair
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