Pubdate: Fri, 07 Mar 2014
Source: News-Review, The (Roseburg, OR)
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Author: Mary Winston


Be proactive in our world

Thank you for the Feb. 21 edition of The News-Review; it was one of 
the best ever! What I appreciated most were the two letters in the 
Public Forum. It would serve Douglas County and Oregon well if 
everyone would take heed and read them.

One letter was regarding drugs: pot. The writer hit the nail on the 
head. Pot is a gateway drug. I have worked in the medical field since 
1988. Babies are born dead or have birth defects from drug usage. 
Foster parents who care for these children really deserve a lot of 
credit for a difficult job.

Some newborns have to be given shots to wean them off drugs. They cry 
continually and shake with withdrawal pains. They have "failure to 
thrive," and sometimes they just don't make it.

Selling pot to teens ruins their lives. It's not funny. Dr. Savage, 
on one of his talk shows, stated that pot was the most dangerous drug 
in the world and I agree. If you need pot, you can get it in pill 
form from your doctor. You do not have to smoke it.

The other letter expressed my sentiments exactly. Our military have 
served and some shed blood for America. Some gave it all - their 
lives. Don't forget, we lost 29 elite Navy Seals; one of them was the 
one who went in and got bin Laden. Who gave the order for that mission?

I am thankful that the two Public Forum writers took the time to 
submit their letters.

On Rush Limbaugh's Feb. 20 talk show, they paraphrased a familiar 
quote: For evil men to prevail and triumph, good men must do nothing. 
May others be encouraged by the honorable careers and letters of our 
Feb. 21 Forum writers.

Mary Winston

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