Pubdate: Fri, 28 Feb 2014
Source: Herald, The (Everett, WA)
Copyright: 2014 The Daily Herald Co.
Author: Guy F. Boehner


Now that you are going to buy your pot legally, you get to tell your 
old dope dealer he's out of business. Remember, this is a person who 
has been selling weed illegally for years. They know how to hide from the law.

Where will the pot boil over? Maybe that dealer at work who always 
shows up on payday to get his cut of your earnings. The stash trader 
at the next beer party. You know how there is always a good beating 
at those beer bashes. How about that pusher you do a little work for 
who pays you in bud?

A similar event happened in 1857. There were a lot of pirates on the 
central east coast of America. They all had a silver coin they all 
used to buy things. The United States thought: all the pirates, and 
the people who bankrolled them, are getting old. Let's devalue their 
currency to punish them for a life of crime against the rich sea traders.

The silver coins, the pirates had stashed away for their old age, 
were, come 1857, practically worthless in the United States.

Yes, our new state laws, for legal marijuana, are going to crash the 
dope dealer's whole source of income. Tell them now and avoid the 
rush when the pot stores open this spring.

Guy F. Boehner

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